A whole new way to read

Grouchy Little House, step One

Moving to a new house is hard; especially when the house is GROUCHY--a good imagination can help, though!

Grouchy LIttle House, step Two

Grouchy Little House, step Three

Grouchy Little House, Step Four

The gift, step one

King Nathan has it all, he even has the pile to prove it; so begins this charming tale by Liz Daniels where true riches are measured not in what you have, but in what you don't.

the gift, step two

the gift, step three

the gift, step four

Yes! I knew the Queen, step one

A lively tale of a girl's adventure with the Queen--but is it true? That's up to you to decide! 

Yes! I knew the Queen, step two

Yes! I knew the Queen, step three

Yes! I knew the Queen, step four

Three Quiet Bears, step one

A retelling of the classic favorite with a modern twist--by Melanie Schulz, artwork by Jessica Gadra, music by Nathan Moran.

Three Quiet Bears, step two

Three Quiet Bears, step three

Three Quiet Bears, step four

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Captain Bartholomew Quasar and the Coliseum of Queen Kronikthalia-October 2018

Brains--January 2019

Like Clockwork--April 2019